I'll Still Buy Edited Or Not

Hello my beauties
I love drama. Not personally getting involved in drama, but just the moaning of others. It makes for a bloody good blog post. So when it all kicked off Saturday night, surrounding a brand not declaring that they edit their product advertising, I was rubbing my hands together and planning today's post. 

Milani Blush Haul

Hello my beauty lovers! 
I'll admit I'm a little bit of a trend follower.. especially in the beauty brand world. So when I noticed these absolutely beautiful blushes floating round Instagram, I just knew they'd end up homed in my make-up bag! Can you guess which brand they are without rereading the title? (Don't peek!!)

My Easter Catch Up

Hello lovelies!
Happy Easter! I wasn't sure if I was going to do an Easter post this year as it's probably going to be your typical holiday post.. however here we are! I just felt like telling you how my Easter has been so far and what I've been up to. 

Memories Of The Easter Bunny

Hello lovelies!
On my blog I've tried to broaden my topics to appeal more to my readers, however now and then I'd still like to share certain things close to me. As tomorrow is Easter I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share a silly but fond memory of an Easter from my childhood. 

My Blog Worries

Hello lovelies! 
Since starting my blog I've always been aware that I slightly lag behind some of my favourite bloggers. I'm not blind to see I'm not what you call 'tech savvy', I'm owning the fact I'll never be a 'blogging queen' and in today's post I wanted to tell you a few of my blogging worries. 

Mouthy By Megan 'Shoutout & Spice' Lip Kit - Review

Hello beauties!
When Megan McKenna joined my secret pleasure (The Only Way Is Essex) last year I instantly loved the whole fashion 'vibe' she had. I've bought a few of her clothing items from Miss Pap and have always felt the top quality of them, so in November when she announced she was starting a lip kit range I knew I had to give them a go!

How Physical Health Effects Mental Health

Hello lovelies 
Whilst blogging I've posted about a few personal topics, mainly surrounding my Cerebral Palsy and depression. Today's post is down the same road yet different too.